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  • 干粉砂漿攪拌機行業外貿網站建設


    Henan Ant Construction Machine Materials Co., Ltd for decades bean specializing in the researching, design&manufacturing of full set dry powder mixing production machine which includes dry powder mixer, wall putty skim coat dry mixer and relative equipment, dry powder mortar equipment, paddle mixer, automatic weighing packing machine, pulze duslt collector, cement dry mortar silo, bucket elevator, screw conveyor, etc; and complete solution of premix dry mortar plant, dry mortar production line, full set huge output dry mortar equipment, thermal insulation dry mortar mix machine, external wall stone texture paint mixer and so on.

    Our machines and equipment are widely used in construction, building materials, chemical industry, powder mortar&putty, coating, metallurgy, environmental protection and other industries, etc.

    We specially only focus on kinds of dry powder mortar, wall putty, stone texture paint, thermal insulation mortar, paint  full set production equipment design, installation and commissioning of complete engineering solution.

    We design the best, exact right suitable solution as your local actual situation of investment scale, working shop conditions, raw materials features, raw materials availability&incoming mode and  end product formula, etc.

    Meanwhile, we provide Formula technology&Formula improve as per your local resource

    Kinds of additives for kinds of dry mortar and putty powder

    Problem consulating of skim coat wall putty and mortar application in your construction

    Tehcnical supports for different kinds of mortar and wall putty production process

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